In the age of transparency the best policy is honesty; an attitude not usually associated with the government and marketing. Our work for the Atlantic Lottery changed that perception in Canada.


Create an open forum for people to find out what the lottery was all about.


We gave the people of Atlantic Canada a place to find the answers they didn’t know they were looking for. was the hub of an integrated campaign that enabled Atlantic Canadians to ask the Atlantic Lottery anything they want, explore stories, find answers and participate. Answers came in the voice of Atlantic Canadians themselves, not the Atlantic Lottery. Their earnestness and honesty inspired us to speak through them.

The integrated campaign centered the experience around their personal voices both positive and negative. As the campaign evolves, new stories and questions will bubble up to keep the conversation relevant and informative for everyone.


The site has earned The FWA”s Site of the Day for September 7th 2011, and continues to gain traction amongst Atlantic Canadians and beyond.