Launch - Design an entire, seamless brand personality for the U-verse user experience on-air, in-store, online and in mobile applications.

Programming/Content - Develop the format and programming for U-verse’s exclusive member channels. Utilize the network to communicate information about a variety of AT&T products and services.

Brand Building - Grow the U-verse brand as a premier entertainment destination and drive customer engagement across the U-verse multiple screen experience.


After successfully creating and launching the U-verse brand identity and customer experience, DK has worked with our AT&T partners to evolve the work into not only a traditional television network experience, but one with cutting-edge technology convergence. Every month, each U-verse channel (Buzz, Sports, Movies, and Front Row) contains hours of original, award-winning programming. DK draws upon its deep production experience to concept and produce all of this unique programming, managed through a strategic content schedule. DK also creates individual marketing campaigns to help U-verse Members understand all of the programming and technological perks available to them with their service.


Today, more than 9 million subscribers experience AT&T and U-verse, making it the fastest growing TV provider in the country from 2009 through the 1st quarter of 2013.

Digital Kitchen continues to play a critical, ongoing role in guiding AT&T’s burgeoning entertainment business and overall customer experience. In fact, an estimated 60 percent of current U-verse customers view and interact with DK created content on the U-verse platform. AT&T U-verse TV also ranked “Highest in Residential Television Service Satisfaction in the North Central, South and West Regions,” according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Residential Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study.

AT&T U-verse Work

AT&T Case Study

DK's efforts have made U-verse an unparalleled marketing platform where AT&T can promote their brand and engage consumers on their terms. View

U-verse Movies

AT&T U-verse’s Video On Demand offering rivals the competition in convenience, selection, and quality. Digital Kitchen branded U-verse Movies as THE destination to watch premium movie choices on demand. View

Sports on U-verse

To build awareness of U-verse Sports entertainment offerings, Digital Kitchen merged AT&T’s well-known sports identity with the robust sports programming on U-verse. View

Retail & Distribution

AT&T retail stores are no longer just about selling phones but also television service across multiple screens. Stores have designated space that showcases the U-verse service across television, tablet, and smartphone. View

BUZZ: Road Trip

The U-verse Buzz Summer Road Trip—starring a custom-designed Buzz Bus—launched as a five-part series on AT&T U-verse Buzz and U-verse Online, featuring a different city in each episode. View