Where does the world start to change? It’s wherever better ways of doing things are found—and it’s inside of Avery Dennison.

Digital Kitchen kicked off the launch of Avery Dennison’s new messaging platform with an inspirational anthem video that premiered at their worldwide leadership meeting. Utilizing new and existing footage, Digital Kitchen wove together the story of how Avery Dennison influences change from the inside out, and about the journey that we're on to build a more sustainable future, together.

More Avery Dennison Work

Ongoing Stakeholder Communications

Sustainability communications don’t end with the report, they begin there. Telling authentic stories of innovation and achievement are all part of building a sustainable brand; we worked with the Avery Dennison team to weave a cohesive narrative across multiple platforms. View

Sustainability Report for 2012–2014

In collaboration with dozens of internal and external partners and stakeholders, Digital Kitchen wrote, developed and launched the Avery Dennison Sustainability Report in 2015. View