Bose leveraged Digital Kitchen’s many strengths to tell a wide variety of product stories.


DK partnered with Bose's internal creative agency to produce product stories that demonstrated Bose's simple mission: think of better solutions, create better products, and help people enjoy the things they love.


To reach consumers directly, DK consulted on two television campaigns for Bose's Wave System and Solo TV sound systems. DK worked closely with their internal agency on directing, casting, editing, coloring and motion graphics.

At the retail store level, DK helped Bose refresh custom-made demonstration content for home theater entertain systems. DK and Bose produced content such as a mock action movie sequence and an acapella group to showcase the system's sound performance for movies, sports, gaming and music.


DK demonstrated sensitivity to the unique challenges Bose faced in selling their products to both consumers and retailers. Planning, production and post were all carefully executed to reflect Bose's passion for sound.