When it comes to competitive real estate, the Vegas strip is one of the toughest places on earth to stand out. Hotels, resorts and casinos spend millions courting adventure seekers, those looking to trade in their 9-5 routine for a few glorious days of spontaneous abandon. Whether it’s a Mediterranean Villa, Italian opulence, a visit to the Eiffel tower, or 6am nights, Las Vegas has become a market of soulless imitation and excess, cultivating an anything goes, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” mentality.


DK was charged with helping The Cosmopolitan establish itself as a refreshing alternative to the typical Las Vegas offering—a vibrant, mind-opening destination that encourages discovery and delivers a generous experience to every guest. The “curious class” was identified as our target audience–sophisticated experience-seekers who like to keep their lives interesting and unpredictable. Always on the lookout for what’s next, for the curious class, travel is about filling up on inspiration and satisfying their social, artistic, and cultural appetite. Not necessarily typical Las Vegas travelers, we had to convince them that a stay at The Cosmopolitan would be a wholly original experience, a visual, sensorial, conceptual and pleasure-filled adventure. We had to give them a story that could not be found anywhere else in the world.


We worked with The Cosmopolitan to create a unique, experiential destination that would energize their guests and draw them back again and again. We took an inside-out approach, looking anywhere and everywhere for opportunities to engage visitors. From lobby columns to the marquee, every space, however remote, seemingly inconsequential, public, private or unusual, was considered an integral part of The Cosmopolitan story.


The Cosmopolitan has experienced unprecedented success and popularity bringing new visitors to Las Vegas and creating trips that wouldn’t otherwise happen. It boasts the highest occupancy and weekend rates in Vegas and has maintained top rankings by visitors again and again.

The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas Work


For the resort's newest creation, Rose.Rabbit.Lie., The Cosmopolitan brought to life an entertainment experience like no other. View

The Digital Experience

The Cosmopolitan’s unique digital architecture, composed of over 500 screens, demanded artistic consideration. To appeal to resort’s curious customers, we partnered with The Cosmopolitan to transform the entire facade into immersive displays of sophisticated design content. View

52 Stories

For those who haven't experienced The Cosmopolitan in person, we created a :30 broadcast spot to tease viewers with the kind of mystery, decadence and adventure awaiting them. View

The Chelsea

With a striking brand identity and customizable digital tools, we helped The Chelsea set the stage for the world’s biggest headliners. View

Lucky Cat

Luck be a lady tonight. Or… a nine-foot-tall chromed-out Lucky Cat.

Entryway Design

The assignment: draw pedestrians into the casino but maintain the artistic integrity of the hotel. The answer: Wild Postings. View

Pop Up Wedding Chapel

Hitched in Vegas? Classic. Together with The Cosmopolitan, we put a twist on this impulse-filled tradition with the Pop-Up Wedding Chapel. View

The Social Experience

Everyone in Las Vegas has a pool bar, but an alcohol-infused avant-garde ice cream pool bar can only be found at The Cosmopolitan. We crafted the brand identity - name, logo, concept & art direction and watched the experience come to life. View