Owned media is the best opportunity for a brand to share its authentic story. But how do you get people to care and watch? You create the world's coolest most rewarding scavenger hunt.


A new advertising campaign for the 2012 Dodge Journey encouraged people to get out and explore the world instead of just reading about it. But, there’s an added twist: a chance to win one of three Journey vehicles left hidden across America.

Television and digital spots positioned the Dodge Journey as the “Search Engine for the Real World,” the perfect vehicle for people looking for adventure, flexibility and affordability. The campaign took viewers on a tour of some of America’s most picturesque landscapes. If you wanted to win a 2012 Dodge Journey, you had to get out and search the outdoors to find it.

DK and our partner Wieden+Kennedy worked together to produce the interactive and live action elements of the giveaway.