For the launch of season two of the original series The Strain, FX asked Digital Kitchen to deliver a fan experience at Comic Con that would increase awareness of the show’s return.

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Season one of The Strain imagines a chilling world where an ancient and evil strain of vampirism is spreading in New York City. For the launch of season two, FX asked DK to deliver an experience that would supercharge fans at Comic Con and increase awareness of the show’s return following a cliffhanger.

DK transported fans directly into the world of The Strain through a multisensory virtual reality experience—allowing them to feel the thrills of vampire battle, firsthand. DK partnered with Headcase VR to create the film, writing and producing a 360°, 3D, live-action story. To turn up the intensity, we designed a fully immersive space for the story to unfold, with synchronized 4D elements like startling vibrations and bursts of hot and cold air.


The result was a shockingly real view into the vampire apocalypse that generated press coverage and buzz about The Strain’s season two premiere. The four-day event generated long lines of fans, 137 million social media impressions and an additional 32 million public relations impressions that included articles in Rolling Stone, Fortune and USA Today.

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Case study available by request. Please contact Andrea Silverman. View