What if you could reach as far as you could fathom—and beyond? We helped introduce this new reality by transporting audiences from our world into the boundless universe of the HTC Vive.


With the Vive, HTC and their strategic partner, Valve, promise to transform the way people interact with the world around them by bringing the most immersive VR experience to mass-market consumers for the first time. Our job was to jolt curiosity and amp up excitement by pulling consumers out of their reality into realms never before imagined. But how do you achieve this without the ability to create an experience only the HTC Vive can provide?

We crafted a launch video teasing the possibilities and the human desires of VR to compel rather than mimicking the actual Vive experience itself. The video placed the viewer as a rugged explorer summiting towering peaks, an ancient samurai unleashing a katana, an astronaut hurling through space toward alien worlds—vivid scenarios illustrating the larger themes of VR. Wonder. Curiosity. Discovery. Living what we’ve only dreamed about. A companion microsite served as the hub for the Vive, hosting the video, detailed tech specs and 3D renderings highlighting the headset’s unique design.
The reaction was overwhelming, garnering coverage from news sources like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Gizmodo. Some reviews labeled the Vive as the best virtual reality experience to date, while others applauded HTC for distinguishing itself from the competition by pushing the boundaries of VR. The effort resulted in over 69,000 site visits on launch day and over 900,000 video views in the first month online—with the numbers continuing to climb.