Microsoft rebuilt Internet Explorer10 from the ground up, completely embracing modern web standards. Unfortunately consumer perception of IE10 remains tied to the 12-year-old browser that came with Windows XP. Microsoft needed to start a new conversation about the browser and decided that DK’s content-first approach was worth, well - exploring.

Internet Explorer Work

NORAD Santa Tracker

To celebrate the holidays with families all over the world, Digital Kitchen collaborated with the Microsoft Internet Explorer team and NORAD to create an interactive Santa tracker experience that brings the North Pole to life. View

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

As part of The Browser You Loved To Hate campaign, DK created Things Aren't Always What They Seem: an original song and hand-drawn animation. View

Not Your Father's Browser

To shift the perception of Internet Explorer, we made use of a bleeding edge platform to create a miniseries that clearly draws the line between the new and old browser. View

Jasmine V — “Just A Friend”

We created an interactive music video to build an emotional connection between Internet Explorer and a younger audience. It was a hit among Jasmine's fans and delivered a whole new fan base for IE. View