We worked with Kraft Foods to bring their social responsibility to life, helping them select the most meaningful data to communicate a clear narrative that shared the vision behind the efforts and the results.

Kraft Food’s strong commitment to accountability had led them to make a significant amount of data publicly available. Unfortunately, the information was spread over multiple websites, and key stakeholders were struggling to find what they needed. Kraft Foods asked us to help them identify the most meaningful information and make it available in a format that was easy to navigate.

Meaningful content, clearly provided

We conducted a brand audit to inform the report’s tone of voice and ensure the design was in line with the Kraft Foods brand, and then crafted straight-talking headlines and a tone of voice appropriate for the content. To provide context for ongoing multiyear initiatives, we developed a data dashboard highlighting achievements in relation to a 2005 baseline. The CEO letter tied Kraft Foods’ social responsibility activities to their corporate purpose, sharing the vision behind their efforts and summarizing their results. Goals, initiatives and progress were clearly and quickly communicated via infographics.

Easy access, feedback requested

Finally, we incorporated a reader survey into the report, allowing stakeholders to share feedback, informing the content and format of the next phase of sustainability communications from Kraft Foods.