We created Qualcomm’s first sustainability report, in 2010, as a responsive website to align with the mobility of their technology. Five years later, we continue to work with them in their sustainability communications.

We’ve had the pleasure of helping Qualcomm move their social responsibility reporting to the web—enhancing employee engagement, improving access to information and increasing awareness of their efforts.

A new era of engagement

When we created Qualcomm’s first Sustainability Report, in 2010, we encouraged them to make the move to a responsive website. We felt that having only considered desktop viewing was an oversight, given that the company’s products are found in mobile phones across the globe. Later that year, we launched their first-ever, fully responsive social responsibility website.

Four years later, leading up to the April 2014 launch of the 2013 QSR, Qualcomm was in the process of revamping the look and feel of the entire qualcomm.com site. As part of that effort, the Sustainability section of the website was in dire need of updating as well, and Qualcomm turned to us for help.

Equal parts brain and heart

We worked with the Sustainability team to take a holistic review of the content on the Sustainability website and the extensive content we were delivering every year in the Sustainability Report.

In our survey of both the existing Sustainability website and the past year’s report, we found large amounts of basic educational content that could be removed from the annual Sustainability Report and placed within the structure of the new Sustainability site. By linking that content from within the report itself, we were able to free up the report to be the current year’s highlights exclusively. We also took a look at the overall structure, created an entirely new information architecture for the Sustainability section of the website and rewrote all the copy from the ground up. This effort made the Sustainability website more robust and the data in the Sustainability Report more accessible.

Sustainability for all

Today, the new Sustainability site demonstrates a clean, concentrated and companywide effort to manage all aspects of Qualcomm’s sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Report, which we continue to produce year over year, remains an important communication piece for the company, delivering highlights from the year, upcoming initiatives and progress on Qualcomm’s many goals across the company.

Divide and conquer

Our team worked with a multitude of internal stakeholders at Qualcomm to make better use of the new Sustainability site and annual Sustainability Report. We were able to slim down the Report considerably by moving non-evergreen content to the parent site.