Sprout approached DK about launching their newest original series, Floogals. The show features three exuberantly inquisitive little alien explorers - Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Jr. Floogal Boomer. They’re on an adventure to investigate our world, one small step at a time. Not the big stuff, but the small things like them - things that reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary.


DK was asked to develop a multi-platform campaign hyping the launch of the show. We needed to do it in a way that embodied a spirit of discovery and positioned Sprout as an originals-driven network leader.


We invited our audience to view life through the lens of a Floogal. It’s a perspective that turns everyday events and objects into exciting, fun, and new discoveries. Curiosity has landed, and it’s come as teensy explorers with titanic imaginations, challenging us to see things from a different angle.

Our ideas were social by design - using different touch points to provide reach and greater dimension for both parents and pre-schoolers.

This included the Floogals “invading” a video from a popular YouTube channel, as well as key art, digital ads, and page takeovers of kid and parent-oriented websites. Our alien friends popped up on social feeds and shared “Floogalisms” - funny and peculiar names the Floogals give to household objects. Fleeker, Flo, and Boomer also made their way into major US cities, finding and exploring along buses, taxis, and even “food cages” (that’s Floogal for shopping carts).

Sprout Work


Curiosity has landed—smack dab in the middle of someone’s YouTube video.


Digital Kitchen created a multi-faceted digital campaign to build interest and excitement around Sprout’s newest original series, Floogals.


To raise awareness for a new original series from Sprout, Digital Kitchen transported tiny aliens from planet Floog across the US.