Digital Kitchen created a multi-faceted digital campaign to build interest and excitement around Sprout’s newest original series, Floogals.

DK helped the Floogals crash land on popular sites for both moms and kids through web-takeovers, including,, and Momtastic. Through sponsored ads, moms learned about the show by unlocking rewards in numerous mobile games.

Going beyond traditional social posts, our audience saw something fun and unusual on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Floogals playfully explored next to everyday objects relating to the joys of parenting - laundry baskets, hairdryers, soap, etc. Only the objects had new names according to a Floogal’s point of view and their observations of mommy and daddy “hoomans.” TV remotes became “Changey Wands” and coffee became “Cranky Repellent.” What resulted was a premiere announcement that encouraged families to playfully rediscover their world through a Floogal perspective.

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Curiosity has landed—smack dab in the middle of someone’s YouTube video.


To raise awareness for a new original series from Sprout, Digital Kitchen transported tiny aliens from planet Floog across the US.