We worked with Target to strategically align their corporate sustainability report with their brand and to infuse the report with the spirit of the Target brand.

Strategic Corporate Responsibility communications

Working with multiple internal stakeholders at Target, from External Communications to Product Design and Development to Supply Chain, we helped them elevate their storytelling, the design of the report and the impact of their work. Beginning with a redo of the structure of the report, we collaborated with internal teams to map a brand-new Value Chain, one that better reflects the depth and breadth of their activities and that better positions them to report using the GRI G4 framework.

Using a mix of stakeholder interviews, primary research and data analysis, we wove together the story of Target in the world, in the community and in the workplace.

Bringing it all to life

We infused the report with compelling visuals, infographics, interactive features and original photography. The result? A beautiful, functional and, dare we say, irresistible expression of their corporate responsibility activities—one that everyone can get excited about.


Visualizing Target’s value chain was a critical step in organizing the content, telling the story and complying with the GRI framework. Goal visualization was simplified so that they were consistent across all parts of the organization and can be tracked year-over-year.

Extending the impact

The report was designed in such a way that graphics, stories and factoids could be pulled and used across multiple channels throughout the year, extending the life and the impact of the report. From social media to corporate website, we worked with Target to make sure that the good work and good stories captured in the CSR report extended their reach.