The Engagement

Season 1 of Falling Skies was basic cable’s #1 new drama among key demographics. TNT wanted to build preseason enthusiasm for the show’s sophomore year by engaging and rewarding their most rabid fans. We translated that request into an award-winning social media experience that pulled fans (and their family, friends, and pets) into the war with the show’s dreaded Skitters that began before the premier and lasted until the end of the season.

TNT Work

The Company Main Title

For a miniseries about the CIA during the Cold War, we decided to take a more subtle approach to the title design. View

Men of A Certain Age

DK was invited to promote TNT’s new show, Men of a Certain Age, a wry seriocomedy about reaching middle age. View

Fallings Skies Season 2

We created the multi-media, social by design, interactive, season long narrative for TNT's Falling Skies. View