We created the multi-media, social by design, interactive, season long narrative for TNT's Falling Skies.


Falling Skies rapidly became the top new show of Summer 2011 – and basic cable’s #1 drama amongst adults 18-49 and 25-54. Digital Kitchen was tasked with bridging that momentum into the second season by broadening the appeal of the show and complimenting the immersive Falling Skies universe with content its rabid fans would love.


In order to harness the potential of the show’s fans – modern, digitally connected television viewers who simultaneously consume content and engage with it socially, across multiple touch points – Digital Kitchen created a digital campaign that was truly “social by design.”

To help bridge the critical gap between season one and two, the campaign began during the show’s off-season – reminding and re-engaging the core audience with provocative teaser content, stimulating buzz and speculation. As the groundswell of awareness took hold, we transformed Fallingskies.com into a full-throttle social hub – featuring exciting new content that drew fans deep into the post-apocalyptic world of Falling Skies. The entire campaign was tied to Facebook’s social graph (along with Twitter and Google+), ensuring social sharing – both passive and active – at every turn.


The numbers showed that DK’s multi-faceted campaign of targeted original content had scored a direct hit with Falling Skies’ biggest fans. The campaign sparked an 80% follow-through rate, with four out of five visitors taking the plunge to create their own season-long experience.

We had a whopping 4:22 average engagement time per visit, and a Facebook Page engagement rate of 0.88%—higher than Mad Men, Dexter, and True Blood—and 10 times higher than the engagement rate of the average media brand.

All told, DK’s groundbreaking social campaign helped make Falling Skies the number one drama of the summer on basic cable, for the second year in a row.

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