To help persuade decision makers in the manufacturing, construction and real estate industries to invest in UL’s new offering, we created a series of videos that balance ROI messaging with an emotionally-charged reminder of why they build: To make healthier places to grow up in, raise a family in and make a life in.

Together, the videos position UL as a thought leader pushing the industry forward with offerings that can help partners make buildings and products that align with consumers’ emerging health and safety expectations.

UL Work

Air Quality

The first video in the series uses the natural rhythm of the breath to connect UL’s thought leadership in building performance and indoor air quality with the brand’s history of safeguarding property and health. View


The second video in the series explores the forces that are driving the next generation of sustainable buildings: Our natural instinct to build things better, emerging sensor and wearable technologies and burgeoning demand for improved indoor air quality. View