Digital Kitchen created a brand strategy that became the foundation for a website and tone video for west elm Hotels.

Digital Kitchen worked with the west elm Hotels key stakeholders to define the brand’s purpose, positioning, and messaging—then brought that vision to life by putting the guest perspective at the forefront.

One key insight—‘When you feel like you don’t belong somewhere, you leave’—led us to the differentiating position for a hotel: ‘The greatest comfort is the freedom to be yourself.’

To articulate this positioning, we created a website that introduced the values of the new brand to potential investors and a short film inspired by the traditional question guests have for their hosts—“what should I bring?” When you travel to a west elm Hotel, the answer will always be: Bring Yourself.

More west elm Hotels Work

Brand Film

Digital Kitchen brought west elm hotels to life with an offbeat and authentic peek into the lives of future guests who are encouraged to ‘Bring Yourself.’ View

Investor Website

Digital Kitchen created a website that introduced potential investors to a new kind of hotel development opportunity from west elm. View