Earth Month has come a long way since 1970. Thankfully, Americans are now aware of the challenges facing our environment. However, the holiday is often co-opted by corporations who conveniently use the occasion to tout their own records and educate the public with half-baked "going green" tips. We needed to stand from the Earth Month bandwagon and show that Whole Foods Market is a steadfast proponent of sustainable living practices during Earth Month and beyond.


Whole Foods is an organization truly committed to an ongoing, sustainable lifestyle. They reached out to DK to break through the clutter of Earth Month and authentically engage with those who see sustainability as a mission, not a fad.


We established Whole Foods Market as a company that celebrates the core values of Earth Month, engages in sustainability practices, and engages local communities 365 days a year.

Results trounced the typical green-washing that occurs in April by racking up over 40,000 unique visits during Earth Month, surpassing expectations by a whopping 372%. Clocking an "unearthly" average visit time of 3:17 (compared to standard 10-20 second page views) combined with a dramatic uptick in Twitter conversations, the Earthling campaign fostered authentic eco-dialogue, community action and involvement in Whole foods Market in a truly meaningful way.

Whole Foods Market Work

Earthlings Case Study

We crafted an integrated online and offline experience centered around strange and curious creatures, known as Earthlings. View

This real-time hub for Earthlings in action facilitated a unique engagement with Whole Foods customers, hosting an ever-changing flow of ideas, inspiration, and innovation. View

Influencer Kits

We raised awareness for the Earthling's initiative by facilitating one-to-one relationships with high-profile sustainable living online personalities. View

In Store Branding

Rounding out our comprehensive online presence, the in-store campaign targeted a hyperlocal audience through community events and shopping experiences. View

Earth Nuggets

In the social sphere, the audience was activated by weekly social challenges posted across Whole Foods Market’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followings. In addition, Digital Kitchen created more than 90 pieces of original content to encourage sharing to draw in audiences from different channels. View