Explanada Puebla, GICSA

Vive de Todo! A new mall experience in Mexico.

Mexican developer GICSA wants to redefine the future of shopping malls as a new city center for Mexican families to enjoy. Their new mall concept Explananda is their first venture to achieve that combining community building initiatives with mixed commercial use space, retail, and entertainment. Their tagline, ‘Vive de Todo’, is meant to inspire locals to "live everything”. 

The result was a flexible content system of vibrant and unpredictable moments to greet local shoppers. 45 square video assets comprised of live action, stock and 2D animation that each tell a different part of Explanada’s story. While as whole, the rich tapestry communicates the spirit of Explanada: every day (and every experience) is unexpected and unique. 

Logo_Square_Render_Comp_v010 (0-00-15-04).jpg

Vive de Todo

The team scoured the internet and thrift stores to create unique iconography inspired by the experiences found around the mall. The result was a blend of heavily curated and art director set ups designed to work together as one unique system.