The Sinner, USA Network

A season-long interactive digital experience based on USA Network’s hit show The Sinner that made viewers characters in the story.

For the second installment of The Sinner, USA Network wanted to create an innovative promotional experience that would hook new viewers and encourage existing fans to keep tuning in each week.

In partnership with USA, we developed and produced an original, immersive digital experience that unfolded alongside series events through text messages, video calls, livestreams, and an interactive neighborhood watch website.

The Sinner_mobile.jpg

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Users created their accounts at, a Nextdoor-style community board for the fictional town of Keller—the setting of season two. Users played the role of “the new neighbor,” immediately becoming immersed in the town intrigue through interactive posts and private messages.


A mystery that deepened every week.

Each week, users would receive text alerts before and after the episode leading them to new events at The Sinner: Neighborhood Watch. Our experience paralleled series events, giving fans new insights into the characters and events of Season Two. The ongoing communication encouraged continuous engagement, building a synergy between the website and the series that kept fans coming back for more.


A treasure trove of original content featuring new characters, new storylines, and series stars.

DK designed, scripted, and produced the experience, working closely with USA to ensure a symmetry between the show and the site. New characters communicated directly with users through a wide variety of interactions, including phone calls, voice messages, texts, and video. Series stars Carrie Coon, Bill Pullman, and Hannah Gross even got in on the action, recording original dialogue so fans had plenty of easter eggs to discover.