The Venetian Resort

Piquing engagement with curious guests.

The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas approached us in 2016 to help visualize the brand for their unique audience. Since our engagement we’ve created a variety of content selections at several high-profile locations across the resort that provide a wink and nod to the Venetian’s playful personality.




Piccolo is the Venetian Resort compact messaging system. It brings you different experiences of the Venetian through bold and playful introductions.


A new and imaginative cocktail experience.

In late 2018, the Venetian opened up a new cocktail bar “Electra” designed to attract and emit an energy that emenates throughout the casino floor. They installed a massive horizontal digital installation and looked to us to create content worthy of its scale. We created two pieces. A sexy James Bond-inspired sequence based off body scape photography, and an infinite starry night made of Edison bulbs that react to the heat of the bar.