Whole Foods

Growing love for America’s largest natural grocery store - online, in-store and among social influencers.

When you’re organic, non-GMO, and fair trade to your very roots, Earth Month isn’t just a marketing opportunity—it’s a chance to matter among people who share your values.

Digital Kitchen partnered with Whole Foods to serve up over 90 pieces of home-grown, original social content—as well as a complete in-store rebrand and microsite launch at earthlingmonth.com. We also reached out to fellow Earthlings with an edible (and totally adorable) social gift.


Earthlings Unite

Weekly social media challenges were aimed at activating millions of Earthlings across Whole Foods Market’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followings. Each of these entertaining pieces—photos, animations, guides, illustrations, and more—was designed expressly for sharing via reblogging and pinning, extending our reach to the Tumblr and Pinterest communities.


Bridging Digital To Retail

We also rounded out our comprehensive online presence with an in-store campaign targeted at local audiences through community events and shopping experiences. ‘Earthlings’ branding throughout the store revamped retail during the month of April.


Greetings, Influencers

Select social influencers received a crate containing a fresh pineapple or artichoke with 3D-printed ceramic parts, and an instruction sheet. When assembled, the produce is transformed into a talking Earthling ambassador that delivered a humorous, personal message to the recipient. Spreading the word through these respected, visible and active online influencers resulted in 18.3K of 40.5K visitors to the microsite coming directly via social media.




Earthlingmonth.com racked up over 40,000 unique visits during Earth Month, surpassing expectations by a whopping 372%. Clocking an "unearthly" average visit time of 3:17 (compared to 10-20 second page views) combined with a dramatic uptick in Twitter conversations, the Earthling campaign fostered authentic eco-dialogue, community action and involvement in Whole Foods Market in a truly meaningful way.



Gold Addy Award
Seattle American Advertising Awards